Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Primera semana de las clases...

First week of class!

1. Andean Literature. It's definitely an interesting class. It really should be called a culture class, because it's a lot more than reading. Today we spent over half an hour doing breathing exercises, feeling our energy, passing the energy to each other, and hugging? Also, 20% of our final grade is to do a traditional song and dance for the class. The reading is really hard though. The class is pretty abstract and hard to understand at times, but I think I'm going to like it overall.

2. Grammar Syntax and Morphology (or something to that effect.) This will be hard too. I have found I have a decent Spanish vocabulary and remember words well, but grammar is just not my cup of tea. However, my professor is incredibly nice and so eager to help us learn. We had an interesting discussion about societal issues in our first class, so hopefully that continues.

3. Service projects. This week, we are painting a daycare for children of indigenous women who work in the street markets. Painting and serving others are both pretty fun, so I like that. We laughed so much while we painted, I consider it an ab workout.

4. CLASE DE BAILE!!!! Had my first dance class today. My homework for my other classes is hard, but this makes it all worth it!! Our instructor is SO FUN. Today we did some salsa, merengue, and free styling? Let's just say all those dance parties in the NP dorms paid off and I got to dance with the instructor, which was so fun. Can't wait to go use my skills in the discoteca con mis amigos!


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