Saturday, February 19, 2011

Mi Pasantilla (My internship!)

This week I started my internship! If all goes as planned (and it might not, because that's how Latin America likes to function, which is okay with me) I will be interning at a government-funded school for students ages 0-18 with special needs. Supposedly I will be working with the older groups. I will spend the first month observing, getting to know the kids and staff, letting the kids get used to me. Then for the rest of my time here I will teaching some very basic English to the students and helping wherever needed.

My first day didn't go as planned because when I got there, all the teachers left and I found out they were on strike! Some of the other employees were there as well as another volunteer from my school, so we just played outside with the niños for a couple hours. The second day, they weren't on strike, so I had my first day of observing their classes. Apparently they don't have school on Monday or Tuesday, and I am supposed to call one of the teachers to find out if there is school on Wednesday? So it's not the most organized system but I am very excited to work with the kids and actually feel like I'm starting to connect with the community in Cuenca. So far my trip has been absolutely incredible, but I feel like I have been pretty isolated from any social problems and people in need of a helping hand. I really don't know what to expect, but I am hoping this will be a good challenge and an interesting experience, and hopefully I can give a little help to this school!

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